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AccessViolationException only on APUs

Question asked by Skysnake on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on May 31, 2012 by Wenju



i have written a small OpenCL programm and give it to some people. From one person i get the following responce:



Unhandled exception: System.AccessViolationException: it was tried to read or write in saved memory. This is often a hint that other memory is damaged.

     at clEnqueueWriteBuffeR(_cl_command_queue*, _cl_mem*. UInt32, UInt32, UInt32, Void*, UInt32, _cl_event**, _cl_event**)

     at filldevicebuffer(Int32 select)

     at main(Int32 argc, SByte** argv)

     at _mainCRTStartup()



I dont really know what could be the problem, because it runs wihtout any problems on my System with a 5870 and a 7970.