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Beginning with Parallel Programming

Question asked by jatinderkaur on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2012 by jatinderkaur

Hello everyone, I am new to parallel programming. But till now I have discovered that

we can use GPUs to enhance performance of computing as GPUs can have 100s of cores.

As in market there are two major vendors and developers of GPUs i.e NIVIDIA and AMD

.NIVIDIA makes use of CUDA whereas AMD uses streams. OpenCl(Open Computing Language) can be used on both. As I have HP laptop having GPU of AMD (Radeon HD 6470). I am using AMD APP SDK. But I am not sure about GPU I am using will support or not.It is not in the list of supported GPUs on AMD website.

Can I start parallel programming without GPU? I am using Fedora Linux for same purpose. Can anyone help in this regard?