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    How to send a reset/refresh to display?


      Hi Everyone,


      (Windows 7 32bit, AMD 12.3, various TV's and AMPs)


      I'm currently trying to work out how to send a reset/refresh/redetect message to all devices connected to the HDMI port.



      1. Some TVs/Amps have trouble switching display modes/turning off and on and result in a black screen but still have power to TV, no picture but system is still outputing for example playing a video (blu-ray).

      2. Sometimes the display driver crashes when TV/AMP is turned off/on and Windows ends up with 'Default Monitor' 640x480.


      My current work-arounds:

      1. Switch to another output on the AMP and back, or turn TV off and on, or unplug HDMI cable and plug back in, (can cause problem 2).

      2. Restart display driver.


      This is not very good for embedded products or general customer usage so I would like to be able to send a reset message out the HDMI to all devices to redetect what is connected.  Any help or pointers to code would be great.


      Kind regards, Tim.