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How to control CCC from command line or API?

Question asked by monkeypriest on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by kcarney

Hi Everyone,


I've been trying to find a way to control CCC (11.8 or 12.3) settings via the command line or an API but have yet to find a way.


Problem: I set the desired CCC settings at 60Hertz. When I change refresh rate from 60 to 23 (or other) the settings for CCC are not correct for example ‘Color Vibrance’ is off in 60 but on in 23.  The result is that video playback quality is very bad.  (This is another problem as to why CCC is not applying the settings on mode switches).


My current work-around is to kill CCC and MOM and restart them again after the mode switch via "CLI Start" or "CLIStart MSRun", but sometimes the process locks up or does not seem to apply the settings correctly.


I've have disassembled the CCC exe and dlls to try to find out what it does but it so disjointed and hard to trace the path so that I’ve not managed (yet) to find where the SMMVideo class sets the values, seems to end up at one of the classes.


I don't really care if CCC is running or not I just need to disable Color vibrance, Flesh tone correction, Edge-enhancement, De-noise etc. in a reliable way so that the video playback image is not adjusted.


I've had a look around ADL API but does not seem to have these settings.


Kind regards, Tim.