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    Dialog Windows Maximizing, how do I fix this?


      Hello I just installed a AMD FirePro V4800 PCIe card in my work station. I used to have a nVidia Quadro 290NVS (which really sucked). I love the new card and finally thought I had the driver settings tweaked when I noticed on a few of my applications when using them certain dialog boxes open. Before they would open normally, now they open in maximized setting. This is very annoying. Is this a glitch with the new driver or is this a problem with the Applications I'm running. Most of the issues come from Autodesk Applications. I'm a Product Design Engineer and I use Autodesk Inventor 2012 (or current version), Autodesk Vault 2012 Professional, FileMaker 11(this has been a glitchy peice of software for many years no matter what version), Laserfiche(document management) and many more.


      I'm not even sure if this is the right forum to post this in. I could not find a forum for troubleshooting issues. Maybe if you can't help me with this, you could point me to a forum or a source that can help me resolve this annoying issue.


      Thanks for your valuable time ...it is appreciated.

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          probably you are running into an issue with HydraVision. Can you please check if it is installed and if so just uninstall it. HydraVision comes as a package with the driver. To uninstall it you need to open the Windows Control Panel, choose Programs and Features. Then select the AMD Catalyst Install Manager and choose Change. It will start the install shield and the uninstall manager will allow you to remove HydraVision.

          Please let me know if this solves the issue. If so we need to look into the details why it was maximizing the windows.