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gDEBugger exception - SymLoadModuleExW in dbghelp.dll not found

Question asked by hugie on Apr 24, 2012

Hi Everyone,


got a minor problem when i try to launch gDEBugger:


The application could not find "SymLoadModuleExW" in the DLL "dbghelp.dll".


gDEBugger Version is the current from you website (6.2 win32, 04/20/2012, system: winxp sp3 -32 bit).


I traced the access to dbghelp.dll via the sysinternals procmon tool. It accesses only system32/dbghelp.dll which has the fileversion: 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2105).


the tool dependency walker shows a valid exported SymLoadModuleExW, so im wondering, why gDebugger does not find the appropriate function.

Any Help/Ideas?


ATI GPU Driver are:

Treiber-Paketversion    8.743.3.2-100724a1-103408E   

Anbieter    ATI Technologies Inc.   


2D-Treiberpfad    System/ControlSet001/Services/ati2mtag/Device0   



Catalyst™ Control Center-Version    2010.0724.2243.38944   



Im using a special medical gpu with a specialized firmware, so i can not just upgrade the drivers.

GPU is a FirePro V3800.


Thank you.