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Driver Segmentation faults and support is almost as bad

Question asked by richardhecker on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by richardhecker

Your web interface is lousy.  I have used two versions of the installer (11-12 and 12-3) so I have encountered segmentation faults in both (8.95.3 and 8.92.6) versions of the fglrx driver that was installed on separate machines.  I wanted to report my findings and eventaully wound up on the Software Developers Help Request form but bugs prevented me from submitting anything.  At first I thought it might be due to my preference of firefox over the Microsoft bloatware.  But explorer failed too.  Now I am here hoping this submission will work.


I am attaching the backtrace from the segmentation fault.  When I was writing drivers for XFree86 I enjoyed digging into the gory details.  I tried submitting enough details in my previous attempts to give you a good starting point.  But my current position as a system administrator is based upon the expectation that I should only need to run the installer and everything should just work.  That obviously is not the case.  We are using HD 5450 cards in Debian Squeeze machines.  We also have a RedHat 6.2 candidate available for potential testing.  Please have the developers look at the backtrace and tell me if this is a known issue.  We want to roll out this HD 5450 configuration to multiple sites.  I can supply additional information to the right contact person if this is not a known issue.