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Problem with clGetProgramInfo(CL_PROGRAM_BINARIES)

Question asked by bleveque on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by bleveque

Hello !


I want to save the binary (after my clBuildProgram) on a file, so this is my code :

   err = clBuildProgram(plan->program, 1, &devices[0], "-cl-mad-enable", NULL, NULL); //build the program


err = clGetProgramInfo(plan->program, CL_PROGRAM_NUM_DEVICES, sizeof(size_t), &nb_devices, &nbread);// Return 1 devices


size_t *np = new size_t[nb_devices];//Create size array


err = clGetProgramInfo(plan->program, CL_PROGRAM_BINARY_SIZES, nb_devices, &np, &nbread);//Load in np the size of my binary



char** bn = new char* [nb_devices]; //Create the binary array

for(int i =0; i <nb_devices;i++)  bn[i] = new char[70000]; // I know... it's bad... but if i use new char[np[i]], i have a segfault... :/



err = clGetProgramInfo(plan->program, CL_PROGRAM_BINARIES, nb_devices, bn, &nbread); //Load the binary itself


printf("%s\n", bn[0]); //Print the first binary. But here, I have some curious characters



fp = fopen("binar.bin", "wb");

fwrite(bn[0], sizeof(char*), 70000, fp); // Save the binary, but my file stay empty


I don't know how to retrieve the binary, my clBuildProgram work (and my binary too), but i think i'm doing something wrong on my program.

If someone can help me, thank you !