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    Kernelanalyzer in Linux?


      Hello all,


      I am developing some software in 64-bit Linux that uses my shiny new HD7950.  KernelAnalyzer sounds like an excellent tool, but I understand it is for Vista/Win7 only.  I don't have either of these OSs.


      Has anyone had luck running KernelAnalyzer in Wine?  Or, does AMD have any plans to release a similar tool for Linux?


      My purposes are scientific computing, and I chose the AMD Radeon chipset because Double Precision math is rated much faster than Nvidia.  I'm sure there are others out there making similar efforts.  AMD, please support us!

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          I don't know if anyone has made KernelAnalyzer work under Wine.

          I do know that people have used VM appliances to run KernelAnalyzer.

          We do not officially support that, and you will still need a Windows license.

          This hack is more convenient than dual booting, but it is more complicated than just installing the KA kit.

          Also the V1.latest version of the tool does no analysis of Southern Islands devices.

          You will see is IL and ISA for your Tahiti card, which you may find helpful.


          We have a new version of AMD APP KernelAnalyzer under development: V2.0.

          V2.0 is both a Windows and Linux tool.

          The initial version will have some analysis.

          We have code to report the statistics back from the compiler (registers used, stack used and a few others).

          We plan to release V2.0 soon.


          Thanks for your interest in our products,