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dual HD6970 reports only 1 caldevice under linux

Question asked by realhet on Apr 21, 2012
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Please help solve this:

I have 2x hd6970 cards that works OK on Win7 32bit, but when I try to use both cards on ubuntu 11.10 32bit then calGetDeviceCount() reports only 1 device, not 2 like on win7.


aticonfig --list-devices lists all two adapters.

I'm using the latest driver.


Crossfire or not, and even plugging monotors into both adapters, didn't changed anything.

I need to do some stress tests, but I can't do it on Win7 because

- the control center wont let me set the power to +20% on the 2nd card (no way to get max performance)

- and on linux I see only one card.



Thanks for answers!