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Hardware Decoding in e4690

Question asked by jonathank on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by Byron

My name is Jonathan and  I would ask for your assistance.

I'm currently working on ATI E4690 embedded graphic chip. The chip is bulid-in a  graphic cards which is being develop at the Aitech System, the company I am working for . I would like to know how can I make sure that the Hardware Decoding works properly under windows xp os.

I'll be more specific: I would like to know how can  I determine for a given video file (h.264/mpeg4) that this

file is decoded by hardware only (i.e. the e4690 chip only)   and not by software?

Please note that the decoding must be only by e4690 and not by the cpu or any other device (even partially).

Thank you,