AMD CodeAnalyst 3.3 for Linux available now

Discussion created by fswehosky on Apr 18, 2012

AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer for Linux 3.3  is available at http://developer.amd.com/tools/CodeAnalyst/codeanalystlinux/Pages/default.aspx.  Thank you for your interest!


The new version supports the AMD Processor family 15h (codenamed “Trinity”). This support includes performance monitoring counter (PMC) events and Instruction-Based Sampling (IBS).


Also, in this release, we have added:

  • Support for the AMD Processor family 15h (codenamed “Orochi”) Rev C.
  • Support for the new Linux distribution SLES11 SP2.
  • CAKM module support for Linux kernel version 3.0.0.XX.
  • The GUI Module View is optimized to reduce rendering time and memory
  • The GUI Disassembly View is optimized to reduce rendering time by displaying
    only the 2K instructions from the selected address.


We fixed several minor bugs and enhancements.  If you find something that does work or could be improved, please create a discussion in these forums.