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Linux support  PLEASE!

Question asked by RezaRob on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by markb

Nvidia Linux drivers work flawlessly every single time.

BUT, every time I search the Ubuntu forums, people are complaining that AMD/OpenCL drivers are hanging their system, freezing boots, late driver releases, and so on.  Basically, Windows seems to be the only OS that AMD is serious about supporting.   NOT a happy picture.:(


This is the ONLY concern I have EVERY time I'm at the store buying a new system:  why not AMD/CPU/GPU system?  Linux support! 

Therefor, I go with Intel/Nvidia just for piece of mind(because I'm a lazy jerk who likes easy installs and NO BUGS!!!)


So, what is the state of Linux drivers and support AMD?  Can we EXPECT unwavering and flawless Linux support from AMD at this time?


EDIT:  The documentation is also incomplete:  Latest APP guide, Appendix D, completely ignores the 7970.  It's really weird that AMD is loosing out on such trivial things like updated documentation.  Doesn't this hardware deserve better?!