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Multiple GPUs & simult. kernels

Question asked by rspringer on Apr 17, 2012
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All - apologies if this is too recurrent a question or if it has been asked recently - I went back several pages, and didn't see a related post.


Two quick questions:

1) Does AMD's OpenCL implementation allow for multiple kernels to execute on the same device? Last posts I had seen (3/2011), it did not, but on page 4-59 of the APP OpenCL programming guide, it states "AMD Evergreen GPUs currently do not support the simultaneous execution of multiple kernels", which may imply that other GPUs do. In particular, if multiple execution is supported, do the Fusion APUs support simultaneous execution?


2) Does AMD's OpenCL implementation support multiple GPUs? As in running kernel A on GPU A while running kernel B on GPU B?


Again, apologies if these have been asked recently, but I promise that I did do a search! (Also, thanks!)