AMD CodeAnalyst 3.6 is released!

Discussion created by fswehosky on Apr 17, 2012

The most recent version is available at http://developer.amd.com/tools/CodeAnalyst/codeanalystwindows/Pages/default.aspx.


There are several enhancements for this version:

  1. CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer for Windows Version 3.6 has been built to be a native 64-bit application.  This helps in the core affinity for more than 32 cores.
  2. Large Java profiles have been optimized for the module display and switching views.  The time to open the modules is greatly reduced.
  3. You can now restrict the command line profiling to the launched process, with the "/L" switch, if you're not interested in the default system-wide profile.
  4. The disassembly navigation has been enhanced to allow a larger transversal.  You can navigate through chunks of the disassembly for large functions, without giving up the previous quick display.


We fixed several bugs, including:

  1. The disassembler will not crash when handling any instruction with more than three operands.
  2. The installer will not leave old .msi files after uninstallation of previous versions.
  3. CodeAnalyst will no longer hold open a file handle for the module after the session is closed.


The complete list of bugs fixed is in the included release file.  Support for Windows XP and Server 2003 has been deprecated.  If you encounter any issues, please post a question here, and we'll try to help.


Thank you for your time and interest!