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    clAmdBlas on nvidia linking problems


      I am trying to use clAmdBlas on nvidia hardware. (Tesla C2050 with 280.13 drivers with OpenCL 1.1)

      However, if I try to link any program I get errors of the form:

      ../lib64/libclAmdBlas.so: undefined reference to `clGetMemObjectInfo@OPENCL_1.0'

      I am linking it in the following order: "-lclAmdBlas -lOpenCL"


      Any idea of what might be wrong?

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          I installed clAmdBlas on Tesla C2050 with 295.40. But I cannot reproduce your problem. Did you add path of libOpenCL and libclAmdBlas to environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH? You also add those path to the environment variable LIBRARY_PATH.

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              I finally solved the problem. I was linking with libOpenCL.so provided by the Nvidia driver earlier, but that was causing me problems as described earlier.


              Instead I downloaded the AMD SDK, and linked against libOpenCL.so provided by AMD and now the application links and works fine.


              My Nvidia driver version is 280.13 for reference.