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Getting started with CAL

Question asked by Meteorhead on Apr 11, 2012
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Hi all!


I have been thinking for a long time, that I should start fiddling around with CAL, or injecting CAL into OpenCL, since the implementation of features into OpenCL is REALLY slow. GDS and GWS are two very badly missed features for me. The HW has been capable since HD 4xxx (!!!) but no vendor specific extension made it into OpenCL for roughly 3 years, although I think the community has expressed it enough that these would be kick@ss features.


Since official CAL support is dropped, it makes it even harder for someone to do the homework instead of AMD (present corporate programmers should not take this blame, but the people that decide how many of you should be doing the work).


Can someone give me some tipps, links, suggestions where I could start, where to find reasonable (and not seriosly outdated) documentation, are there any tutorials available, best practice guide, rules of thumb, whatever... I am no newbie to OpenCL (have been programming it from first beta version to be precise), but I have never messed with CAL. I have seen the CAL++ project (have not taken a look yet), but I don't know if CAL users find that useful or not. I could INVEST time, but not WASTE.


Any help from the ninjas (or wannabe ninjas) is appreciated.