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GPU E4690 documentation lack

Question asked by maximp on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by Byron

       Our company is engaged in development of various embedded systems. In one of our projects we would like to use the GPU E4690 for a single-board graphic visualization system. It is decided that this system will function under control of an in-house real-time operating system, which is not supported by world developers of GPU drivers. So we are interested in developing own driver.

       We have NDA access to GPU documentation from the AMD Embedded Developer Support website, but it has not enough information for developing a driver for GPU E4690 from scratch for a bare hardware. Is it possible (and under what conditions) to get listed below additional documentation for this GPU?

  1. Technical description of registers, initialization sequence, and principle of operation of the following basic modules of the GPU E4690: clock generator, interrupt controller, DRAM DDR3 controller, display output controller, and other modules, which are necessary for a simple frame buffer implementation.
  2. Full description of registers, commands, and principle of operation of the graphic accelerator of the GPU E4690, which would be enough for development of OpenGL SC 1.x (or more comprehensive specification) library. It is also desirable to have a claimed performance summary of the accelerator (such as fill rate, fragments per sec., primitives per sec., vertices per sec., shader floating point operations and functions per sec., and so on).
  3. OpenGL SL (ES) compiler along with a manual how to load derived binary shader images at low level using hardware registers and commands.
  4. The list of discovered hardware errors and inaccuracies with recommended workarounds (if possible) – errata sheet.