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Question asked by angelmori on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by stroia

So being a poor college student from Tn I am faced with a new problem.

I have an Amd Cpu athlon 4400 2.3 dual core, and has been my best computer go to since then. Now I know this is a bit dated but I got it the week that it came out. Now in 2012 its starting to wear down, and has problems keeping itself running. I am not a very computer heavy person. I built this computer using a mix match of components wrought from others upgrades, and is indeed the best hand me down monstrosity ever created. However my cpu is starting to die from what I can piece together, and I would really like a new one of these. However if you check ebay from a brand new one(( since ebay is now the only seller of this product because of how old it is)) its about $249 dollars brand new in box. My problem is I dont want to upgrade because this is the best chip for my set of hardware and I cant upgrade it without having to buy all new stuff.


So the solution is I find a way to replace this Cpu..Or I go without a computer until I can scrimp and save for a new one.I would have to buy from case up of new hardware all of it. Its all so dated that I cant just upgrade one piece...Advice..Help? Anything?


(( Ps all ready called amd headquarters...All they got me was..Sorry we dont have any. Maybe you all have a solution?))