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Where should I start?

Question asked by ravi.gupta on Mar 28, 2012

I have gone through ATI Stream SDK .pdf version available on net. I have just started playing with OpenCL SDK examples and doubts started comming in...

I noticed in some example author is adding some extra memories in his input. How do I get to know how much extra memory I should add? May be it's a very basic question but I could not hold my self and thought of asking.


E.g. In GlobalMemoryBandWidth project author is calculating size as


    cl_uint sizeElement = vectorSize * sizeof(cl_float); // I can understand this line but not rest of the calculation.


    cl_uint readLength = length + (NUM_READS * 1024 / sizeElement) + EXTRA_BYTES; // How I can be so sure about how much EXTRA_BYTES would be.

    cl_uint size = readLength * vectorSize * sizeof(cl_float);