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    GPU in OpenCL Summary


      Hello .


      I try to use CodeAnalyst to analysis opencl code .

      And I ask the question about can't see OpenCL Summary before.

      I use HD5870 GPU, Windows 7 32-bit and VS2010.

      And I use AMD Catalyst Driver 12.2 and AMD APP SDK 2.6.

      And CodeAnalyst version is 3.5.


      I already set CL_AGENT=C:\Program Files\AMD\CodeAnalyst\bin\oclProfAgent32.dll

      in windows 7 Environment variable.

      And I already can see the OpenCL Summary in CodeAnalyst.


      But when I test my code and AMD sample code, I find some problem.

      In View OpenCL Timeline only CPU and memory has the result,another like GPU and API Trace always empty.

      And I try to see View Kernel Excution Summary and View Data Transfer Summary alwaws 0.

      And I find in OpenCL API Summary always only has clGetDeviceInfo, clGetDeviceIDs and clGetPlatformInfo.


      Can I ask how if I want to analysis like cpu and gpu timeline and see the another function in OpenCL API Summary ,where can I try to set or maybe I also miss something.

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          I answered in the other thread, but I'll copy it here also.  I'm not sure what would cause thea display that you're reporting.


          Let's go with an example provided by the AMD OpenCL SDK: MatrixMultiplication.

          When you launch the <user path>\Documents\AMD APP\samples\opencl\bin\x86_64\MatrixMultiplication.exe with the arguments "--device cpu -x 1000 -y 1000 -i 10", can you see OpenCL information in CodeAnalyst?




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              I try the sample provided by the AMD OpenCL SDK: MatrixMultiplication.

              And I use the PATH "user\Documents\AMD APP\samples\opencl\bin\x86_64\MatrixMultiplication.exe" , arguments "--device cpu -x 1000 -y 1000 -i 10" .


              Now I can see the GPU and API trace time line in the OpenCL Summary.

              In the GPU time line , is all empty.

              In the API Trace time line , I only can see clGetPlatformInfo ,clGetDeviceIDs and clGetDeviceInfo .

              And I try any sample , always terminate after call the three function.

              And GPU time line always no anything.


              Can I ask ehat can I try to change something,or maybe some I miss?


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                  Based on that, it's either a bug in our agent or our display.  Would you please attach the .oclt file from your last OpenCL profile session?  With that file, we can figure out where the issue is and fix it with the next version, due out soon.