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GPU in OpenCL Summary

Question asked by antyang on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by fswehosky

Hello .


I try to use CodeAnalyst to analysis opencl code .

And I ask the question about can't see OpenCL Summary before.

I use HD5870 GPU, Windows 7 32-bit and VS2010.

And I use AMD Catalyst Driver 12.2 and AMD APP SDK 2.6.

And CodeAnalyst version is 3.5.


I already set CL_AGENT=C:\Program Files\AMD\CodeAnalyst\bin\oclProfAgent32.dll

in windows 7 Environment variable.

And I already can see the OpenCL Summary in CodeAnalyst.


But when I test my code and AMD sample code, I find some problem.

In View OpenCL Timeline only CPU and memory has the result,another like GPU and API Trace always empty.

And I try to see View Kernel Excution Summary and View Data Transfer Summary alwaws 0.

And I find in OpenCL API Summary always only has clGetDeviceInfo, clGetDeviceIDs and clGetPlatformInfo.


Can I ask how if I want to analysis like cpu and gpu timeline and see the another function in OpenCL API Summary ,where can I try to set or maybe I also miss something.