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    ssh from Win 7 to linux / virtualGL




      I have a question that is mostly unrealted to all AMD specific HW-SW, but I guess there is plenty of programming know-how gathered on the forum, so let me post a question:


      I do cross-platform developing mainly on Windows (due to gDEBugger and VS which are powerful developing tools) and I quite often have to log in to linux machines to test, run self-developed OpenCL applications and to do administrative operations on clusters. I have used Putty up until now, but I got tired of Putty crashing at every second corner when running OpenCL applications remotely. Mainly upon application starts when platforms are queried, or devices are enumerated. I use Xming as an X Server on Win 7 64-bit.


      I found PowerShell as a decent looking native command line environment. I figured surely there must be commandlets that I could use similar to a linux environment:


      ssh -XC whoiam@anywhere.domain.com


      However I am having trouble finding anything like that. Prior I have also tried other tools such as Tunnelier as a replacement of Putty, but it looks real aakward, and the extra window that stays during the connection seems realy needless. So can anyone tell me how to ssh from PowerShell with tunneling X windows?


      All this would be in order to bring over OpenCL-GL interop applications the network using VirtualGL to render OpenGL into an X window that can be tunneled through easily and efficiently. I have installed VirtualGL on a remote server, however X seems unable to load. I will have to take a closer look, but let me ask: has anyone tried VirtualGL to bring over OpenGL 4.2 render in an X window?

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          Although nobody answered, let me post my findings, in case someone else comes across the same problem.


          OpenSSH provides ssh.exe, a command-line ssh client more or less identical to the linux variant which works nearly perfectly in regular cmd.exe and powershell also (a few things don't work exactly the same way, but I guess it is as close as native windows command-line can get to a linux terminal.


          X-forwarding works just right if you have a DISPLAY environmental variable set up to "localhost:0.0". (I have not found any documents about this, but I took a shot and got lucky.)


          Unfortunately I have not been able to find a working virtualGL client for Windows other than the commercial product Exceed. I have found an older version of VirtualGL, that is supposed to have one that should work with PuTTY. I will try to get that to work with OpenSSH.


          Should anyone already know a working way, please let me know.