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    PIX for Windows 64 bit stopped displaying frame buffer content




      After driver update March 7 2012

      AMD Catalyst 12.3

      Pix for Windows  64 bit stopped working.


      1. DX11/10 applications are traced, however framebuffer contents are not displayed

           Erorr: "Surface cannot be shown"

           When you go to a draw call DrawIndexed Pre-Vertex Shader, Post-VertexShader, Post-Geometry Shader are emtpy, Viewport says "There was a problem"

      2. DX9 applications work with 1 frame per 5 seconds.


      Pix for Windows 32 bit works fine without problems.

      This happens with the examples from June 2010 SDK


      I have also installed Visual Studio 11


      Operating System, Windows 7 64 bit, Athlon x4 620, AMD Radeon 5750