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ACML 5.1.0 or ACML 4.4.0?

Question asked by nervi on Mar 27, 2012
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I'm compiling quantum chemical number-crunching applications on a linux machine with 4 x Opteron 6168, using gfortran 4.6.2.

I'm wondering which ACML version is best for this family (10) of processors: acml 4.4.0 reports "optimized for amd fam 10", whereas 5.1.0 reports "optimized for amd fam 15". Since, as far as I undestood, some vectors instructions are available under family 15 (Bulldozer), but not under family 10 (Barcelona) I'm wondering whether 5.1.0 under opteron 6168 uses fast vectorized algebra or not...