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OpenCl on APU

Question asked by guix on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by edisonying1984

Hi everyone,


Yes, this is a recurring subject but I did not get a reply on the forum...


My config :

- APU : A8-3870K (with the latest driver )

- Ubuntu : 11.04

- AMD APP SDK: 2.6

My questions :

1 - When i run clinfo, i get  (inter alia):

     Name                         : AMD A8-3870 APU with Radeon HD Graphic

     Max compute units     :  4

     Max clock frequency     : 3000MHz (and sometime 800Mhz)

Well, he found my APU as a device. But  he saw only 4 cores, which corresponds to the CPU part of the APU. Is it a normal behavior ? What about the GPU part ?

Another thing, sometime i have max clock frequency at 3Ghz and sometime at 800MHz. So, i guess that he switch (randomly ?) on the GPU part...


2 - I'm trying to launch a kernel only on the GPU part of the APU. So, i just give the APU's deviceId when i create my context. It works, but i don't know if i really use the GPU part... Is it enough or there is a special trick for do that ? Maybe with "clCreatSubDevices" ?


3 - Is that my questions have meaning ? Is it possible to work only on the GPU part of the APU ?


Thanks in advance for your help,