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    LDS/UAV interaction?


      So, I've really extensivly tried to debug this problem.  Still sitting at my desk a lot later than I had planned! 


      Here's what I see...

      If I use dcl_lds_id(0), then uav data written to addresses where address%0x100==0, are trash.  No matter what I try to write, it's the same trash, but not the same trash at every address where%0x100==0.  Trash none-the-less

      If I use dcl_lds_id(1), I get different trash than id(0)

      If I used id(2), id(4), I get the same trash as id(1)

      With me so far?

      Switched uavs, initially tried 3, switchted to 8.  Same trash as before, i.e. no effect.

      Switched which card I was running it on, tried both 6990 cores, and a 6970 core.  No effect, same trash shows up with the same lds values. (So bad ram is ruled out)

      No other kernel I have used has had this problem, but no other kernel I've written used the lds. 

      Other kernels I have on my machine still appear to work, but they don't write much data (total of 32 bytes)

      So either I have 3 sets of dead ram, which is somehow effected by the lds, there's some bug, there's something obvious I'm missing, or some software needs updating.  Machine is windows 7 x64 ultimate.  Doesn't appear to be SP1.  (though I had thought it would have come with that).Driver packaging information is 8.93-111205a-132104C-ATI. 


      Yeah, I'm at a loss!