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Catalyst update software a pain in the%$#@&!

Question asked by drewcrewof2 on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by drewcrewof2

The update program "tries" to do a live update but winds up making a total mess out of your desktop costing 15 to 30 minutes to repair it and forcing a reboot. I must ask, being a developer for almost 30 years, and working for some of the largest development organizations in the U.S. - Do you even have a QA / usability department at AMD? I have twin 24 inch monitors with icons all over the place, staying exactly where I can find them. When you (far too often) updates come along, they resize the screen forcing all of the icons into 800 X 600 - or who knows what, then screwing up the size of the wallpaper... etc. There is no way to fix anything without rebooting so why do you even try to do this type of update in place? What a mess!