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    ADL_Overdrive5_ODPerformanceLevels_Set() voltage on 7970


      I'm trying to set voltage to 1100 on my 7970 via




      , but the card keeps running at 1170.


      Is there a way to lower the voltage on 7970?  Why the card is refusing the change?


      I'm using Sapphire 7970, if that matters.

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          Seems like we should be using ADL_Overdrive6 for 7950s and 7970s but looking at:  -

          <a whole lot of stuff about how ADL_Overdrive6 has no voltage control>

          I  was wrong a 7950 chooses overdrive5


          So I wonder how windows can do it?


          Also interesting is that ADL_Overdrive5_ODPerformanceLevels_Set() works to set the voltage up for low performance mode but not down for high performance mode.