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    Unable to send the correct cl::Buffer to my kernel !!!




      I contact you because, since a few days I have a strange bug with my code. What is really strange is that this code is really old and has not changed !


      So, I send several cl::Buffer to a kernel and when I "print" the values of this buffer, they are completely ugly !


      Here is the code to send the data :


      FilmResponse* curve = &FILM_RESPONSE[_controller->FilmResponse];
      clBuffer_FilmResponseR = new cl::Buffer(*_context, CL_MEM_READ_ONLY | CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR, sizeof(float) * FILM_RESPONSE_SIZE, (void*)curve->B_R);
      //_queue->enqueueWriteBuffer(*_clBuffer_FilmResponseR->GetBuffer(), CL_TRUE, 0, sizeof(float) * FILM_RESPONSE_SIZE, curve->B_R);
      _kernel__ToneMapping->setArg(1, *clBuffer_FilmResponseR);


      Here is the signature of my kernel :


      void kernel__ToneMapping(
                __constant __read_only clFilmSettings* filmSettings,
                __global __read_only float* responseCurveR,
                __global __read_only float* responseCurveG,
                __global __read_only float* responseCurveB, 
                __global uchar4* rgba,
                __global clIBAccumItem* ibAccum,
                int workAmount)


      What is really strange is that I check the values in curve->B_R before sending it to the kernel... and they are correct, so I suppose that my curve->B_R is not corrupted !


      I have test this with Intel SDK/NVidia SDK/AMD SDK and I always have this problem. So, it is NOT a SDK bug but something strange is happening on my side :-P


      Does someone has an idea ?