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Question asked by jourdan_thomas on Mar 12, 2012
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I'm struggling with ADL SDK and the AMD M96 Evaluation board to use the ADL_Display_WriteAndReadI2C function. I have some questions, any help would be appreciated.


On the M96 evaluation board, using ADL SDK 3.0, I try to read LM63 temperature sensor registers. This component has a fixed 0x4C address (7-bit address) and is connected to I2C bus (SCL/SDA) function of the M96 (cf M96 evaluation board schematics, doc 105-b864xx-00b, pages 3 and 10). I don't care of the temperature sensor itself, I'm only concerned with having a working application to read/write data on I2C with ADL SDK. I'm not concerned either with DDC/EDID. I try to use the ADL_Display_WriteAndReadI2C function without any success. The ADL SDK documentation is really poor and doesn't help at all.


What is the meaning of the following defines in adl_defines.h :






Also can someone explain the following fields of the ADLI2C structure :

- iLine: it seems the available values are ADL_DL_I2C_LINE_OEM, ADL_DL_I2C_LINE_OD_CONTROL, ADL_DL_I2C_LINE_OEM2. But which I2C bus do they match ? I2C SCL/SDA, GPIO_3_SMBDATA/GPIO_4_SMBCLK, DDC6CLK/DD6DATA... ???

- iAddress : doc says 'The 7-bit I2C slave device address, shifted one bit to the left.' so for the LM63 with fixed 7-bit address 0x4C the correct value is 0x98 (0x4C << 1) ?

- iSpeed : doc says 'I2C clock speed in KHz.' but what is the valid speed range ?


In ATOMWorks, what is the meaning of the following options :

- ProcessI2CChannelTransaction

- WriteOneByteToHWAssistedI2C

- ReadHWAssistedI2CStatus

- SetupHWAssistedI2CStatus


Why can't I change WriteOneByteToHWAssistedI2C and ReadHWAssistedI2CStatus from Disabled to Enabled (cf screenshot) ?


If those options are disabled, are there any side effects in ADL SDK I2C functions ?


Enclosed with this mail is our very simple linux sample application for reading LM63 I2C registers. Whatever the line/speed/slave address I try, I can't read anything : the ADL_Display_WriteAndReadI2C always returns '-1' (Generic Error: not very helpfull...). With a scope, no I2C signals are moving at all. What is wrong ?





PS : the platform is a typical desktop PC with AMD M96 evaluation board running CentOS 6.0 (64-bits) and Catalyst driver 12.1