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    AMD gDEBugger kernel uses unsupported features


      I'm trying to debug a basic kernel, but every time I start gDEBugger it reaches the kernel and throws a warning saying "Could not debug kernel. This kernel uses unsupported features. Please check the release notes for more details."


      As far as I can tell, my kernel isn't doing anything wrong according to the release notes.


      This is the kernel I have:


      kernel void polypoints(global float* global_coeffs, local float* coeffs, const int num_coeffs, global float* results, const int num_results, const float start_t, const float delta_t)


      for(int i = get_local_id(0); i < num_coeffs; i += get_local_size(0))


      coeffs[i] = global_coeffs[i];



      float t = start_t + delta_t * get_global_id(0);

      float ans = 0;

      for(int j = 0; j < num_coeffs; ++j)


      ans += coeffs[j] * pown(t,num_coeffs - j - 1);


      if(get_global_id(0) < num_results)


      results[get_global_id(0)] = ans;




      What's going on? I took the getting started guide's advice and didn't modify my code at all. Do I need to add some compile options (I think in the past there were some compiler flags for debugging opencl code using gdb)?


      By itself the kernel compiles and runs.

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          Hi helloworld922, Can you please share your system information?

          What graphics card do you use, driver version, OS and APP SDK version?

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              I have a HD5650 mobility card on an Acer Aspire (I can't quite remember the exact model number). I'm running it under 64-bit Windows 7 with AMD APP SDK 2.6, the 64-bit version of gDEBugger 6.1, and I believe the graphics card driver is 12.2 (not quite sure on the last subscript, it's the latest one released updated about a week ago or so). I'm debugging under Visual Studio 10 with SP1 installed. I tried debugging it with both 64-bit debug/release builds.

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              I managed to get back to a configuration that allowed me to debug kernels.


              In one of my earlier posts, I said that I had re-installed windows and it didn't help. That time, I installed an older version of the APP SDK and Catalyst 12.3. After that didn't work, I removed the drivers and installed 12.1, but that didn't work either.


              I did another re-install, but this time I installed 12.1 first, and then it worked!


              So I am currently using Catalyst 12.1 and AMD APP SDK 2.6 with a working gdebugger.

              I fear that installing Catalyst 12.3 changes something that breaks gdebugger, and whatever it has done isn't undone when you remove it.

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                Hi everybody,

                I have the same, identical problem. And I have the same pc settings as helloworld922.

                I'm programming under VS2010 with gDebugger inside it (VS2010 extension, version 6.1.76, previously I used external gDebugger, 6.2 version). I was working with ADM APP SDK 2.8, then I downgraded to 2.6 version. I was working with Catalyst 13.9 release (installed driver version: 13.125....), then I downgraded to different releases: 13.5, 13.4, 13.1, 13.2beta, and maybe one more, actually I don't remember. I've tried many times to uninstall everything, and then reinstalling first Catalyst drivers, then SDK. But everytime the same error: "could not debug the kernel, unsupported features". Without debugging, everything works fine.

                Working with the gDebugger tool 6.2 version standalone (outside VS2010) gives me another strange error: "CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE". Anyway, without debugging, everything works fine, as usual.


                Platform configuration: Acer Aspire 8943G

                GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

                CPU: Intel core i7 720QM

                OS: Windows7 - 64bit


                @ Lihan Bin: do you mean removing the const qualifier from the kernel input and in the declaration of variables inside the kernel function? [example: __kernel void hello(__global *float input, CONST int N, CONST float j]

                In that case, I did. No success.


                Hope to fix the problem asap.