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Questions about cl::Platform?

Question asked by craft_coder on Mar 11, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by craft_coder

I'm reading through the C++ header file supplied with the 2011-12-19 release of the AMD APP SDK.


I noticed an unimplemented static member function:


     const cl::Platform cl::Platform::null()



It has no docs.  What is that all about?



Also, I was trying to sort out what this function did:


    static cl_int cl::Platform::get(cl::Platform *platform)



Also no docs.  It appears to assign the pointer with a new Platform that's constructed from the first Platform ID.  I actually thought there was a memory leak, but then I looked up alloca().  I'd have just used a boost::scoped_array<> for that.


This appears to do the same thing, though returning the first Platform instead of assigning it through a provided pointer:


    static cl::Platform cl::Platform::get (cl_int *errResult=NULL)


Does anyone know if these are in the standard?  Is there any other doc describing the C++ interface besides opencl-cplusplus-1.1.pdf on Khronos' site?