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Question asked by gr00verider on Mar 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by kcarney

ok i have a 5770 with the new update(12.3)  that came out today i did what it asked me to do so, i install the update now i have now sound going to my TV only throught my head set. i go to hardware and sound on my windows and now it dose not show my tv witch was hook up through a HDMI cable it only see it as a  monitor i try to down grade the patch to (12.2) and try to get it back and still had no sound throught the TV. Now i had to uninstall the catalyst control center from the computer, and reinstalled it and still have no sound through the tv only throght the headset. i have all the setting to where thay where befor the update and still have no sound. P.S. I use the HDMI as my the Video card as main sorce of sound to my tv i have no sound card other then the 1 on the mother board

i need some help any 1 can help me ??