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HDMI monitor sleeping at boot with Radeon HD 6570

Question asked by aledef on Mar 8, 2012


I have a Philips Brilliance 234CL Monitor connected to my Radeon HD 6570 via HTMI cable.


My Radeon video card and Philips monitor work great toghether in all conditions exept boot.

What happens is that I have to power on monitor from sleep mode just one second before I powering on my PC,

so that HDMI mode can be detected by video card, otherwise video card will go in VGA mode and monitor

won't power on at all. This of course does't appen if I connect monitor  via VGA cable, but if I do so images

on monitor will  flutter in full HD mode, causing me headache .


So each time I boot I have to be very quick in switching on monitor and computer almost simultaneously

because if monitor switches to sleep mode before PC shows bios message then monitor will not be detected.


This is issue is obviously not related to OS or drivers nor to BIOS configuration, since it occurs before OS loads.

I think that setting video card mode at boot would be mode likely a video card BIOS issue.


I tried all option in Catalist Control Center including monitor detection, HDMI options ecc...

but it seems it doesn't affect boot mode.


Anyone knows any workaround?


Thank you