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enabling s/w prefetching

Question asked by ramacn on Mar 7, 2012

Hi all,


I was trying to enable software prefetching by compiling an application using Intel compiler. But  I am facing some problem.


I use the below compilation command.

-> icc  -openmp -O3 -xsse4.2 -opt-prefetch=4 is.c


But when I run the program I get the below error.

"Fatal Error: This program was not built to run on the processor in your system.

The allowed processors are: Intel(R) processors with SSE4.2 and POPCNT instructions support."


The CPU model is:

model name: Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2354


Does anybody know what is the correct compiler option for icc to enable s/w prefetching? Please let me know.


Thank you