Problems with 3.5.1116

Discussion created by Hellblau on Mar 3, 2012
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I was upgrading from an older version ( 3.0.902.0635 ) on Windows with VS2010 and noticed some problems with a dll I am profiling.


When I profile the dll, which is called by a very thin application, and examine its functions, I am using the event based profile - cycles etc., CodeAnalyst seems to keep the dll file open so i cannot rebuild and rerun the profile as the file cannot be opened for writing anymore. This happens from both CodeAnalyst integrated into VS2010 and the standalone CodeAnalyst application.


I also noticed that I cannot view counter events inside of assembler functions ( I am using yasm ) as these functions are not disassembled correctly anymore in the function view. Most of the time a completely different function is shown for which source is available or the disassembly is spanning a range of 0 bytes of instructions - which is very strange.


I moved back to 3.0.902.0635 but as this is more than a year old its somewhat frustrating, 3.5.1115 showed the same behaviour as 3.5.1116.


Can someone please try to reproduce my problems ?

I am very interested into knowing if its just me if its something introduced recently in newer CodeAnalyst versions.