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A couple more cal questions...

Question asked by corry on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by MicahVillmow

So, I'm kinda hoping with the 7970 out, perhaps you guys might be willing to divulge the secret happy dance to making uav11 work?  I thought perhaps it was that typeless read-only uav thing, and tried it because, well, bascially what I need is a nice big constant buffer.  (ok, big is a relative term, but bigger than the constant buffer).  I figured, well, a cached read-only uav should be about perfect, and I suspect it will work rather nicely on the 7970s since you said there is basically no more constant buffer.


So a follow up would be how would a typess read-only uav be implemented on Caymans?  (wrt caching?)  Speed is obviously "my thing"   I have a perhaps nice time/space tradeoff, but if I can't get caching, since the time is already fairly low, it may not be worth it.  If its cached, I suspect I'll see a decent improvement!  If its only good for the 7970's, well, it may not do me much good yet...