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    Possible bug in SDK sample


      It might be not a really important bug, but still: In "SimpleGL" SDK sample Radeon flag waves along Y-axis. It seems that it's not the behaviour the developer expected. To make it visible I've just swapped "v" and "w" in kernel - now it waves along "Z" and looks much better. By the way (sorry, I'm newbie here) - is there some OpenCL GCN-optimization guide or any possible recommendations for the new HD7970/HD7990 chips, one of which I'm planning to buy and program?

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          you can rotate it with mouse. and there are some optimization tips in OpenCL programing guide from AMD.

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              My mouse doesn't work in this window - how can I get rotations? I've started prebuilt SimpleGL.exe on Windows 7 x64.


              P.S. As I've found out, SimpleGL.cpp missed something like this:


              case WM_LBUTTONUP:
                   mouseButtons = 0;
                   return 0;
              case WM_LBUTTONDOWN:
                   mouseOldX = LOWORD(lParam);
                   mouseOldY = HIWORD(lParam);
                   mouseButtons = 1;
                   return 0;
              case WM_MOUSEMOVE:
                   int x,y;
                   x = LOWORD(lParam);
                   y = HIWORD(lParam);
                   int dx, dy;
                   dx = x - mouseOldX;
                   dy = y - mouseOldY;
                   if (mouseButtons) 
                        rotateX += static_cast<float>(dy * 0.2);
                        rotateY += static_cast<float>(dx * 0.2);
                   mouseOldX = x; 
                   mouseOldY = y;
                   return 0;


              just before "case WM_KEYDOWN"

              to bring mouse to life in windows.


              To SDK developers: Guys! add this, please, in the next SDK version! And make, please, VolumeRendering sample little more up to date - compiler dislikes some deprecated functions. It's great sample, but there are also problems with other samples integration.