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Powerplay and OpenCL

Question asked by yurtesen on Feb 26, 2012
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I have an opencl kernel which runs for a very long time before returning. Under linux, I have a feeling that powerplay settings are not changing to performance when the program starts, and card is unresponsive until kernel returns so the driver is probably not able to change the speed. How does this work really? Does the driver polls for average load on the card? (since card locks up during kernel execution, it seems unlikely that it can do that?)


Why I would think powerpay is not switching?... well, when I run smaller kernels but repetitively then I can hear the fan getting faster... but not with the kernel which takes very long time to execute. Also, the program is taking insanely long time compared to running it on an average Nvidia card (think about 3 minutes to 100+ minutes difference...).


How can I tell the current status of the card during a kernel execution? I already tried aticontrol etc. but it looks like the card is unresponsive during the runtime. It is not even possible to kill the process (if you know a way, please let me know). Which is strange since I can just ctrl-c on Nvidia and program exits after a few seconds...