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    Driver crashed completely in while loop in kernel




      I've come across a strange problem which has to do with a while loop in a kernel:


      The Kernel function: (runs on GPU)

      __kernel void myKernel( ..., unsigned nWidth, ... ) {
           unsigned g_id_x = get_global_id(0);
           while( g_id_x < inWidth ) {      // step over never steps over this line


      Now, whenever I try executing this code, the application stops responding and I am not able to close it. Also, ending the debugging in VS does not work, it just hangs forever.


      When I debug the kernel with gDEBugger I can step into the kernel and continue to the while statement. Then, when I want to step over, it hangs immediately.


      When I then try to start another OpenCL Application, the platform can't be accessed, so I guess the whole AMP OpenCL driver hangs due to the bug above.


      The only thing left to do is to restart the system. If I do, the system does actually not reboot, but hangs when windows was shut-down and I have to turn off the PC myself (which doesn't happen if I haven't had the bug before).