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6400M Counters in gDEBugger 5.8

Question asked by teybeo on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2012 by teybeo

Hello everyone.


     I'm relatively new to OpenGL programming, I learn alone so there are a lot of things on which I spent a lot of time trying to understand. I found gDEBugger and I am quite sure it will help me a lot in this.

But I recently discovered some strange behavior in the GPU while running some of my apps and I think that I need more than the "basics" (but still very cool) features available in gDEBugger.


     Like the title says I'm trying to access the Performance Counters in gDEBugger but the sub-menu doesn't show up, there's only the "ATI OpenGL" line.


There are 2 points which I think might be the cause :


  • The computer is a HP ProBook 4730s. It has a Pentium B940 with HD 2000 graphics and the card is a HD 6490M.

It's running 7 64 bits Pro and has Switchable Graphics.

This feature force me to get the driver via HP because it is a combo driver for both the integrated and discrete graphics circuits on this page. The driver I installed is 8.91-111013a-128465C-HP.


  • I've seen AMD has acquired  gDEBugger and developed it to the 6.2 version. I don't currently have VS2010 so I can't test the latest from AMD and use the 5.8 instead.


In short, do the perf counters are not available because of the specific combo driver from HP or because the 6400M series is not supported in the old gDEBugger 5.8 version ? Or any others cause ?


Thanks in advance. And btw, no, English is not my native language, sorry for my expression.