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wglGetGPUIDsAMD(0,0) returns zero

Question asked by pcjohn on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by pcjohn

Dear support,


I believe, I have found a bug in Catalyst driver (version 12.1).

I tried to use WGL_AMD_gpu_association extension and called wglGetGPUIDsAMD(0, NULL) to get number of graphics cards. It always returns zero, although Radeon 5750 is installed in the system with the proper drivers on Windows 7 64bit.


I further analyzed the situation. My code works well on my laptop with Radeon Mobility 5470 on Windows 7 and on Linux as well (using GLX_AMD_gpu_association). It fails just on my desktop Radeon 5750.


Further analysis brought the difference - the desktop computer had recently installed GeForce cards along with the mentioned Radeon. Even although these cards are now not installed in the system, wglGetGPUIDsAMD(0, NULL) still returns zero (like if no AMD graphics cards were installed in the system).


I see following problems (if I am not mistaken):

- wglGetGPUIDsAMD fails to report AMD graphics cards if 3rd party card is/was in the system.

- even if 3rd party cards were removed, the wglGetGPUIDsAMD still fails to work (returns zero)

- when I plug 3rd party cards back, I am getting strange dialog about "AMD driver is not functioning..." on each system startup. After the closing, no more harm, but it annoys a little. The card should be inside and not complain about anything, IMHO.


Thanks for the support,