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Sporadic slowdowns and GPU usage drops Cat 12.1/11.12

Question asked by Raistmer on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by Claggy

There are sporadic slowdowns of my app (that runs 27/7 3 instances at once).

The symptompts are:

1) very sluggish GUI

2) low GPU usage (total GPU usage drops from ~100% to smth like 70% or even less.

3) one of 3 running tasks shows much bigger execution time than other 2 (even if their workloads very same).


Apps stop/restart solves this problem and GPU usage rises to near 100% again. But this requires manual intervention of operator and not always possible for 24/7 operation mode.


I didn't see such slowdowns on 11.2 (though I was able to run only single instance at once).

Running only single instance doesn't help. Sometimes execution times rise in the same manner and GUI becomes very sluggish.


What can be done to avoid this issue? Is it known issue with 11.12/12.1 drivers?