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12.3 RC 8.95 - BSOD with multiple device - multiple context - multiple threads

Question asked by captian-n on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by captian-n

Hi all,


I develop at the moment with new HD 7950 and I try the new 12.2 pre-certified driver now 12.3. My application is multiple context with multiple threads style and until now it worked all the time without problems. With the new driver it chrashed with a blue screen if I release the complete stuff with a call like that:



parallel_for(0,static_cast<int>(pOpenClDevices.size()),[&](int l)









I use lambdas in combination with the PPL from Microsoft VS 2010. This just an example it sometimes also crashes during a parallel read back. Have any else that multi threading problem is there a workaround. Single threading is no solution it works but for HPC issues with up to 8 GPUs per machine the increasing of calculation time is to big. It runs also with one device without errors or with an older driver.


Thanks in advance