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    Codeanalyst API Samples




      I just have installed CodeAnalyst 3.5. I can't find the sample  '<the directory where CodeAnalyst was installed>\SampleCode\ApiUse' mentioned inside the documentation.

      I got my small test programm compiling but the program can't locate the API DLL's. I copied them to my output folder. Then some CodeAnalyst DLL's are missing. Do I have to add the CodeAnalyst binary folder to my PATH environment variable?


      My intension is to use the CodeAnalyst API to programmatically enable profiling in a specify section of my code only. Is then the following sequence correct?


      CaProfileCtrlKey Key = fnGetProfileControlKey (CODEANALYST_PAUSE_KEY);



        ... Code to profile ...




      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          Hi Axel,


          With 3.5, I believe the sample code was moved to <drive>:\ProgramData\AMD\CodeAnalyst\SampleCode.  I'll make a note to update the documentation.


          The CodeAnalyst binary folder should have been added to your PATH environmental variable as part of the install. Yes, it needs to be there, as the API dlls depend on the CodeAnalyst dlls.


          Yes, the code sequence is correct.  Good luck!


          I hope this helps. Thanks for using CodeAnlayst!