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Codeanalyst API Samples

Question asked by innoplus on Feb 18, 2012
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I just have installed CodeAnalyst 3.5. I can't find the sample  '<the directory where CodeAnalyst was installed>\SampleCode\ApiUse' mentioned inside the documentation.

I got my small test programm compiling but the program can't locate the API DLL's. I copied them to my output folder. Then some CodeAnalyst DLL's are missing. Do I have to add the CodeAnalyst binary folder to my PATH environment variable?


My intension is to use the CodeAnalyst API to programmatically enable profiling in a specify section of my code only. Is then the following sequence correct?


CaProfileCtrlKey Key = fnGetProfileControlKey (CODEANALYST_PAUSE_KEY);



  ... Code to profile ...




Thanks in advance for any help.