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Integer Performance of Southern Islands Graphic Cards

Question asked by WTrei on Feb 18, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by antzrhere

Hi folks,


I am currently planning to buy new hardware for our research team. Currently we are massively using integer multiplication in our projects, because we are trying to implement several number theoretic algorithms to GPU's.

Currently, our hardware cluster mainly consists of HD 5800 type graphic cards, since they even offer a higher throughput than HD 6900 ones (because beside the integer mult we can do some additions in parallel within the same stream processor while 6900 series cards lack this feature due to their new architecture. Thus I want to ask how integer Ops are performed on HD7700 and HD 7900 type cards, especially can every one of the 64 SIMD cores proceed one integer mult per clock or have multiple of this cores have to work together or does one of this need more than one clock?

This architectural information would be a great help planning future hardware buyings and implentational decisions.


Thanks in advance!