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AMD OpenCL driver supports Intel's CPU products?

Question asked by burito on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by azrael5

I own an AMD 4870x2 and an Intel Core2Duo E8600. I have the AMD Drivers version 12.1, the AMD APP SDK v2 and the Intel OpenCL 1.5 SDK installed.


As expected, OpenCL reports two platforms present. The Intel platform as expected reports a single device as expected. The AMD platform reports 3 devices.


The first two, devices 0 and 1 are ATI RV770's as expected.


Device 2 however is a bit of a curve ball. My Core2Duo. The CL_DEVICE_VENDOR string is "GenuineIntel".


I find it a bit questionable that AMD is shipping drivers for a competitors products, especially as they are quite crippled in comparison to the drivers Intel provide. From my testing on the Nvidia OpenCL devices, I have not encountered their drivers attempting to provide OpenCL devices for CPUs.


As there are OpenCL applications out in the wild that do not check that the CL_DEVICE_VENDOR string matches the CL_PLATFORM_VENDOR string, is there a method to disable the AMD OpenCL drivers attempts to support non-AMD devices?