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CPU Power management not recognising my 32 Bit Application 6136

Question asked by billyleo on Feb 15, 2012
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I really hope you guys an help me. My application is running really slow on a very powerful machine.

From what I have been trying it looks like the power management feature which keeps the 4 cpus down at 800Mhz is not recognizing my application as something that needs more power.

The app is 32 bit running on a Win 2K8 Server R2 64 bit with AMD Opteron 6136 and 192Gb Ram.

The machine is a beast and when I run Prime 95 I see all cpu go at it 100%.

However, My application gets nadda from the cpus. It's as if it's not recognised at all.

I set the affinity of my app's process to all nodes of one of the cpus and saw better average speeds but is looks like the sleep function is still fighting it as it spikes up and back down constantly.

Is there anything I can do to get my application more CPU access?

I've read that I can turn of the power mgt feature in BIOS but don't think I can get permission to do that.

I've read that an application will onlt run at the speed of the slowest clock speed of the processors it is using. Is this also true?

Can placing the system performance on High in OS settings of windows Up the Multiplier settings of the cpus?

Any suggestions at all on this situation would be greatly appreciated. I'm up the creak on this one...