7970 problems/bugs/ISA doc?

Discussion created by corry on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by realhet

So, we have a few 7970s, and so I naturally wanted to see how well they performed.  Good news is, about 33% is what I saw over a 6970.

Bad news is, it doesn't work, is quirky, etc, so here's a run down...

First, obviously, I'm *still* using cal/IL.  when calling calInit, sometimes the program just crashes.  Nothing special, just a simple call to calInit sometimes crashes the program.  Sometimes I have to restart it 5 or 6 times just to get past the library init phase. 

Second, my program fails....I'm still working out the details which led me to go looking for the equivilant doc to HD 6900 Series Instruction Set Architecture for the 7900 series, but my google fu seems to be weak.  Has this been released?  Could you point it out to me?  It looks to me the trouble is happening at the place I mentioned having trouble with before with ret_logicalz and the like, only this time, the behavior is different, and I'm not exactly sure how.  I was hoping to find some answers in the ISA doc, or at least help me go through the disassembly.


I suppose any logical errors resulting in code that works for a 6900 series card and not in a 7900 series card is a bug...and I would think that since OpenCL is (still?) based on cal, I would think others should have run into this, but I saw nothing similar.  Perhaps there is more undocumented stuff going on to work around 7970 differences in OpenCL?