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    Status Radeon HD5970 and OpenCL


      hi, i read something about 2.6 enabling multi-gpu for 5970 as well. But not sure what was meant by that. Does this mean that opencl works for both gpu's on the 5970 card now as opposed to 1 out of 2 gpu's previously?


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      Vincent Diepeveen

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          AFAIK OpenCL has been working on both devices for ages.  Note that your application must be designed to take advantage of multiple devices.  If you run clinfo from the AMD APP SDK samples, you should see two GPU devices exposed.

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              26 april 2011. Ticket number 1356


              "Hello, I'm programming in OpenCL. Does that mean my programs can run also at all PE's in the HD Radeon HD5970 and Radeon HD6990? So that's 3200 PE's at the HD5970 and 3072 PE's at the HD6990. Some posting in the forum someone said the 5970 didn't work yet for OpenCL and the 6990 just released and i had to wait for quite some time for the 6970 to get supported so therefore i ask this question. When i bought the 6970 it cost me 320 euro, when driver was released it was 280 euro in the shop. If not supported currently, when will one of, or both of these GPU's work for OpenCL? Best Regards, Vincent"





              omkaranathan (04/28/2011 4:59 AM)

              Hi vincent, All AMD devices 5xxx and later fully support OpenCL 1.1 spec and you can try your GPU right away. I am little whether you bought 6990 or 6970. As far as 5970 is considered the second GPU in it is not supported officially, but many people have reported to be able to use it successfully. HD6970 is fully supported. I am not sure if 6990 works with current driver as i have not tested it, it will most likely work with the next driver which is released on monthly basis."


              You're claiming now it is supported all those times so those who tried failed because THEY DIDN'T READ THE MANUAL properly?


              But well you wrote an "AFAIK".

              Did you test it yourself?